Update #3 12.31.16

Victor Arias - Royal 540

Marco Cavallieri - Neg Fish

Felipe Tubarao - AO Fish

Ivan Narez - Front Torque

Update #2 12.27.16

Thank you #ValoinBrazil for making this happen!

Danny Abe

Humberto - TTP

Caio Cezar - AO Fish

Bruna Pupo P-Star

Fernando Campos - Backside Royale

Victor - Darkside Sweaty

Crazy Days

We wish you a Merry Christmas!!

After the rain

Victor Arias, Filipe Tubarao, Humberto Tahara, Kalleo Hipolito, Ivan Narez

Ivan Narez ..making of

Update 1

Victor going alley oop

negative top mis

Kalleo B Slide

Ivan grindin'

thanks to everyone who came out!

Spot checkin


VA with the VA Olive

V13 Maroon and TV JJ Retro Hemps

made it

landed in Sao Paulo