Day 5 - Last update

good morning

on the beach boi

oh man.. not so good morning



geez this was so good. coconut chile and shrimp

no shoes no service

Darst brewin..

This blurry image was shot with my iphone.. Marchione finding some deals at this sick spot. Voss front row seats.

natural tranny for..

Anthony Marchione Wallride

The unidentified man to the left owned the house that Anthony wallrided
He was hyped!

Great trip to TJ.. was very very productive. Solid crew.
If you come out to skate here, make sure you come with someone who speaks Spanish
and make sure you have some extra pesos in your wallet to pay off the cops

Coffee and cake with Ivan at the border.
See you in Brazil #valo6 #valoinbrazil

Day 4

short man

Mega Dirt Ramp

Voss car grind

floor is nice

grime floor roll to fish

not for the vegetarians

see you tomorrow for the final update

Day 3

Can see San Diego from here

Itchy enjoying the view

airbnb life

Voss quick mute air at the local park

SK with the SK2

Beach vibes. Whattup Chinatown

dad van


Ant Man



spot checking

getting lost into the unknown

Anthony finishing this line off

Sylvain stylee

Voss Setup

day 4 tomorrow...

Day 2

Voss slide on the fat bar

spot checking

Marchione staying true on this ledge

Sylvain stylee

Itchy with a Zero Switch AO Fish

Hot Crew

See you tomorrow for day 3

Day 1

Solid crew
(Vossoughi, Marchione, Darst and Sylvain)

No return


Cash money

Hot cakes

Darst about to rip

Itchy with the drop mistrial

Tomorrow Day 2 in Tijuana